Fees for 2013-2014

Duke City Registration Fees (net to DCSL)

    Developmental - U7 & U8's                                                    $40.00 per player

    Players playing in the Metro                                                    $95.00 per player

    U-19 & others not playing in the Metro Schedule                    $18.00 per player

    House Team Players                                                                $30.00 per player


Non Duke City Registered Team fee to play in Metro 

For a team to join the Metro Schedule you need to have mailed or delivered to the Duke City   Soccer League Office by 7 pm., July 12th for the fall 2013 season the following: (or by December 6th for the 2014 Spring season)

           1)     Signed Metro Application, now available on line for returning coaches.  

                     Coaches Handbook

                   If you are a new coach we ask that you pick up this form and a hardcopy of the coaches handbook from your club registrar.

           2)     Check in the amount of:

                              $200.00 for Developmental teams U-7 & 8                    

                              $900.00 for teams U-9 & U-10 teams 

                              $975.00 for all U-11 and older.

           3)     Team roster with a minimum of 7 players for U-9 and above.



Other Fees

   Tournament Teams                                                                        $50.00

   Return Check Fee                                                                          $20.00

   Protest Fee                                                                                  $100.00

   Replacement Card Fee                                                        Up to $20.00

   Transfers fee outside of the transfer window                                $75.00

How to Register

If you are a player that wants to be registered with Duke City for the 2013-2014 year, you must register through one of our clubs.  We do not register players directly with the league.  Please see the following web sites for more information:


                                          Albuquerque United FC at www.aufc.org

                                          Classic FC at www.classicfc.net

                                          Elite FC at www.elitefc.com

                                          New Mexico Rush at www.nmrush.com

                                          NM Sting at www.stingnewmexico.com

                                          Rio Soccer Club at www.riosoccerclub.org

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