Needs to be turned in by 7:00 pm., July 6th, for the Fall 2018 Season or Dec 7th, for the 2019 Spring season  
Fees for Non-Duke City Registered Teams  
Age On Field Roster Size   Fee     Fee - For Out of Town Teams (2 games / weekend)
U 9 & 10's 7 v 7 12  $  1,000.00  $   1,120.00  
U 11 & 12's 9 v 9 16  $  1,350.00  $   1,670.00
U 13 & 14's 11 v 11 22  $  1,500.00  $   1,840.00
U 15 and older 11 v 11 22  $  1,500.00  $   1,800.00
Team Age    Birth Year    
Club       Team Sex  
Team Name       Last Years Name if changed      
Coach Name       Coach Cell #        
Coach Email Address                
Remember for U-9 and U-10's the home team must
provide a certified referee to referee their home games
In signing this application; I agree that if my team does not provide our team referee (certified for ages      U-9 & above) to referee or to assist in refereeing four DCSL Soccer games during the fall and spring seasons (i.e. four games per season) I, as coach, shall be suspended from coaching in the DCSL the following season.  Exception - Out of Town Teams (Durango, Clovis, Las Cruces and Amarillo).  I agree to read and comply with the DCSL Disciplinary Policy and any revisions made to it.  I also agree that my team, assistant coaches, parents, and I, as coach, shall abide by and be governed by the the DCSL Disciplinary Policy, DCSL Coaches Handbook, DCSL By-Laws, and by the decisions made by the DCSL Board of Directors.  I also agree that I will not hold tryouts or playdates in the spring prior to Duke City Scheduled Tryouts scheduled for May 28, 2019.
Date Coach 
Team Referee Name         Current Grade      
    In signing this I have been made aware that I will be assisting this team to play in the Metro  
    Schedule by agreeing to participate as a referee or assistant referee for 4 games per season.  
    Date   Referee          
            DCSL Office Use - Team Referee is:
  (if you team has additional referees please attach additional applications)   ____ Certified  
              ____ Not Certified  
This section only required only for DCSL registered teams 
Practice Location            Circle Days    M    T    W    T    F  
1820 San Pedro NE - Suite 6 / Albuquerque, NM 87110